Don’t just make yourself more beautiful, but enhance your overall sense of aesthetics as well! Our in-store beauty experts will be able to answer all your questions regarding aesthetics enhancement.

  • Botox

    A technologically advanced scientific formula, BOTOX is a purified protein injected in a non-surgical procedure that temporarily removes wrinkles on face, neck and cleavage areas. It can be used effectively to reduce pore-size for enhanced youthful appearance of skin. It has recently proven to be an effective treatment for excessive sweatiness and body odour.

    Areas of specialty:

    • Wrinkle correction in forehead, cheek and lip areas.
    • Wrinkle correction in neck and breast areas.


  • Filler

    Technologically advanced hydraulic acid gel that is safely injected into the skin to fill up the volume of the wrinkle-space. Once injected into the skin hydraulic acid gel effectively smoothens out wrinkle lines to sculp the contours of your face, accentuating your most beautiful facial feature.

    Areas of specialty:

    • Wrinkle correction for forehead, glabellar, lips & eye-corner.
    • Lip sculpting, cheek sculpting, chin sculpting, nasal bridge augmentation & ear-lobe augmentation.


  • Scar reduction

    Traumatic bodily injuries and surgery leave scars on the body. Severe acne scars, keloids and hypertrophic scars need professional technique to reduce their appearance on your body. Using only scientifically advanced scar-managing techniques such as microdermabrasion, keloid injection, resurfacing peel and laser resurfacing, unsightly scars are professionally reduced to cause minimal impact to overall beauty.

  • Thermage

    Advanced technology that is a safe, non-invasive treatment that smoothen and tighten skin, anywhere from face to your body areas. Looking younger with more spectacular facial complexion and body contours without major surgery is now possible with our cutting edge technology.


    • Face: brow, temple, mid-face, forehead, jowl & neck skin tone lift
    • Eye: Above brow & eye-bag area skin tone life
    • Lips rejuvenation
    • Abdomen, arm, thigh, buttock & flank tightening