Our pampering signature facial treatments will give you the confidence to face the world with beautiful results.

24K Nano Pure Gold Facial
Known for its rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties,24K Gold is used to achieve instant radiance, elasticity and youthfulness.

18K Gold Luxury Facial
The benefits of gold through a technology that slows down collagen and elastin loss, melanin secretion and decreases skin inflammation.

Anti-Stress Facial
A deep cleansing, moisturizing and tension relieving facial that hydrates skin, leaving it youthful and supple skin.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
Effectively get rid of pigmentation, scar, spider veins and infection, as well as promotes collagen fibre production, resulting in smooth and flawless skin.

Collagen Facial
Nourishing treatment with active ingredient effectively improves skin elasticity, prevents signs of premature ageing and provides protection against environmental conditions.

H2O Hydrating Facial
This results-oriented regiment rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin – reducing and preventing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, acne and scarring.

LUMI Facial
Powerful 2-in-1 process based on advanced technology in skin rejuvenation instantly lifts skin on face, eyes and chest for visible results.

A. Lumi Lift
Effective for face lifting and rejuvenating

B. Lumi Light
Effective for treating acne prone skin, uneven pigmentation and scarring

Micro-dermabrasion (Crystal/Diamond Peel)
Suitable for all skin types, this deep exfoliation facial lighten spots, smooth wrinkles and improves lymphatic drainage.

Oxylife Therapy
The Oxy Life Plus unit is an exclusive appliance that produces a rich 98% concentrated oxygen. This flow is then compressed to perform a wide variety of unique Oxylife Plus functions, including:

1. Oxy- Infusion
Pulsed oxygen insufflations in combination with a range of endocosmetic products, each with a different function.

2. Oxy- Spray
During the treatment, Vita Lotion is recommended for moisturizing, revitalizing and lifting of skin tone. The scientific regiment’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria properties reduce irritation for accelerated healing, giving skin a firm and supple tone.

3. Oxy- Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy combining pure oxygen inhalation with essential oils detoxify, revitalize and relax the body for improved well-being.

Radio Frequency Face Lifter
This age defying treatment accelerates cell regeneration, reduces visible dine lines, minimizes pores and provides and immediate face lift.

Beaubelle Treatments

Beaubelle Aroma Chromo Therapy Facial
Aromatherapy, chromatherapy and oxygen therapy combine in this scientific regiment that treats all skin types. Aromatherapy uses 100% authentic, natural oils specially blended to treat targeted skin conditions. At the same time, skin is deeply relaxed and primed for enhanced skin healing. Chromatherapy uses colours to stimulate body cells and to reinvigorate overall health and well-being.

Beaubelle Golden Bird Nest Facial
This unique treatment contains carbohydrate, glycoprotein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and vitamins that nourish and replenish moisture in the skin. The restorative properties of this regiment fight skin ageing and rapidly accelerate skin repair.

Beaubelle O2 Skin Fitness Face Spa
A great choice for people seeking to revive cellular metabolism and reverse ageing due to slackened connective tissues. Incorporating Beaubelle’s new “Clarity” and “SuperOxygen” products, oxygen is infused to revitalise cells, boost collagen elastin and reduce fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles.

Beaubelle New Beginnings Facial
A proven technique that soothes and revives your skin as you relax the mind and soul for a genuine holistic experience. Engage in a comprehensive 5-week intensive regime that is perfect for all skin types, from fatigued, sluggish, dull skin, to oily or dehydrated skin.