Beaubelle…for Harmony of Your Body, Mind & Soul

Beaubelle’s fusion of holistic and solution-oriented face and body spa products and treatments cater to today’s stressful lifestyle. Based on its signature 4Rs Principles, Beaubelle helps both men and women achieve harmony in body, mind and soul.

4Rs Principles

Renew the Skin & Body by softening facial lines, soothing inflamed acne skin, improving skin texture, lightening pigmentation and brightening skin complexion.

Relax the Mind by drifting stress away, clearing the mind and improving self-confidence.

Rebalance the Soul by improving blood circulation, enhancing toxin drainage, relieving body aches and pains, creating calmness, reducing anxiety levels.

Revive the Total Well-Being by improving skin and body oxygenation, energizing skin and body cells, strengthening immune system.

Beaubelle firmly believes that each person’s beauty and health needs are unique. Therefore, Beaubelle offers a wide and effective range of face and body spa products which are customized for your specific skin and body concerns.

Beyond Beauty

  • Aloe Vera
  • Azulene Ampoules
  • Botox Ampoules
  • Bust Ampoules
  • Collagen Ampoules
  • Cryo Trim Gel
  • Gold Ampoules
  • Hot Ampoules
  • Hydrating Ampoules
  • Purifying Ampoules
  • Sensitive Ampoules
  • Thermal Trim Gel
  • Vitamin C Ampoules
  • Whitening Ampoules