Make a statement with a lean and trim silhouette with our signature slimming treatments.

Bamboo Slimming
Tropical Bamboo treatment breaks down cellulite, improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

Bamboo Spot Trim
Silicium, a natural active ingredient in bamboo is effective for skin firming and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, the rhythmic rolling of bamboo during this invigorating massage helps break down fatty deposits under the skin, relieves muscle tension, as well as purifies and re-energizes the body.

A customized slimming session using electrodes that target specific areas of body fat.

Body Slimming/ Body fat
Disturbances of body metabolism, problematic weight problems and excess weight not due to illness are examined for quick results. A comprehensive weight reduction programme is activated to increase muscle volume as well as implement proper weight reduction.

Body Toning/ Body Contour
An advanced toning regiment to firm up slackened connecting tissue between muscles, rejuvenate musculature and increase muscle strength. Your body contour will undergo a re-adjustment process to restore it to the best posture. The body’s blood circulation, metabolic rate, vernal equilibrium and lymphatic fluid flow are vastly improved.

Body Cellulite/ Electrolipolysis
Every human body is susceptible to cellulite accumulation. This scientific cellulite reduction regiment loosens cellulite formation by utilizing orange peel on skin. Panniculus adiposus – the fatty layer of the subcutaneous tissues will be vastly removed for visibly improved skin tone and overall appearance.

Body Lymph drainage/ Circulation
A scientifically proven technique to counteract cellulite formation, this technique improves micro-circulation and drains away excess fluid accumulating in connecting tissues that causes poor lymphatic fluid flow. Blockages in lymph nodes are removed for vastly improved lymphatic fluid flow and more efficient waste tissue removal from your body.

Maunal Lymphatic Drainage Electra 2000 Slimming Treatment
Scientifically proven technology to stimulate the body’s lymphatic circulation for improved metabolism, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins that build up daily. Lymphatic drainage enhances weight loss via a unique therapy that offers healing benefits. A professional body-sculpting cream is subsequently used to enhance your body figure.

PowerShape Radio Frequency, Laser and Vacuum System
PowerShape is a unique device that combines bipolar radio frequency, laser and vacuum system for cellulite and body shaping. Radio Frequency combined with low-level laser heats up tissue from a 5-to-10mm depth to manipulate metabolism of collagen, skin and fat. Vacuum suction and rollers flatten skin in order for radio frequency energy to penetrate deeper and expand blood vessels to increase circulation. The massaging effect also facilitates lymphatic drainage.

Radio Frequency Fat Burner
Radio Frequency stimulates body tissue, resulting in improved internal circulation and cell metabolism. The benefits of this amazing new technology are manifold: slimming, skin rejuvenation, face lifting and shaping as well as overall health and wellness. Radio Frequency promotes natural fat combustion of Free Fatty Acid (FFA) through a process called “liquefaction”, for stunning visible results.

Vibra Trim (Lipolysis Vibration Therapy)
Advanced technology that burns body fats especially at the abdomen and around internal organs and reduces cholesterol for improved health. Increase your metabolism and achieve maximum effect in the shortest time without physical discomfort.